Hello, thank you for visiting cognitivefun.net. This is a message from the site maintainer.

I'm sorry to say, I have some very bad news. I don't normally have a lot of time to maintain this site. At the beginning of April, the server that hosted this site was terminated. The code for the site is intact, but the data was lost. This includes all accounts and all data submissions.

A copy of the site data exists, but dates back to about a year ago, circa May of 2022. Everything after that backup is lost.

I will work on restoring the site in the following weeks, and will restore using that backup. For anybody who has lost their data in the meantime, I am sorry. The site setup is unfortunately quite complicated [1], so updating it will take a bit of effort.

[1] this site is deployed using kubernetes on EKS, and runs several containers, in a non-redundant fashion. I regret this design, but didn't look back during the previous update from the previous version written in 2009 using PHP5.